Since the establishment of our company, based on our ample knowledge and advanced technology, we have been engaged in planning, proposal, development and sales of the newest equipment widely ranging from biology, clinical medicine, drug discovery up to gene.
We adopted our company's name MedicaTec from our belief that medical technology will bring you happiness and that
we wish to make ourselves to be a company which will assume it. Realizing the dream, our company has been
contributing to society as the "total planner of life science equipment". The dynamic of our social contribution came from the spirit of all of our staff to "pursue venture mind" and to share with our customers the joy of creation.

In the future too, we will try to further develop our company by the development of advanced technology and particularly focusing on the knowledge and technology of automation of minute amount dispensing and massive disposition as the core business of our company. And with our proposal and R&D of genuinely domestic products with high accuracy, we will contribute to the development of life science and will become a company which can further much contribute to your foods and global environment. We solicit your support to us in the future too.

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